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Searching for soft, high quality baby clothes combined with the look of Fifth Avenue left owners Sven & Aimee empty handed. Feeling frustrated, they began to experiment with design and silk-screening which led to the creation of eight3one.

Armed with the experience of graphic design and with each of their own distinct tastes, the expecting parents got busy. The outcome led to two distinct lines.

Urban Pop features the hip side of the street. The idea of combining old school ideas with contemporary fabrics promises to raise your infant's cool factor.

On the flip side is Tot Couture, organic and fresh. Elegant clean lines decorated with whimsical designs and colors. It's as if the creatures your baby might be daydreaming about appear right on their outfit!

Sven & Aimee proudly design and produce all of their baby/toddler apparel creations locally in Seattle, Washington.
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